Chris Mann – Director, Taylah Mann, Mason & Reuben.


So often we hear that the building world is a daunting place for those new to the industry, and we are here to dispel that concept.  

We believe the build process should be organised, fluid and transparent. You should enjoy the experience of creating a home, building can be immensely satisfying if you have the right team with you.  While there are always going to be expected bumps in the road, we rely upon over a  decade of build experience to navigate these moments, believing that this kind of problem-solving approach from an invested team makes all the difference to a happy outcome.

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  • We are accessible, and right there with you through your entire build journey. We understand that home building is often one of the largest investments that you will make, and that can be intimidating! We want your build to be a great experience for you.

  • We are motivated and adept at all kinds of builds across all types of sites. Mann Made is highly experienced in the custom home building arena and we are aware of the effort it takes to turn out quality work they can put their name to.

  • We value transparency, systems and efficiency. We operate a client portal so you are well informed and can view your project at any stage. This platform holds selections, invoices, photo updates and your schedule along with other handy information on your project

  • Our in-house design service offer you an end-to-end process, meaning that the project will run seamlessly and have a coherent style, no more having to negotiate between designer and builder to get that polished look.

  • Our business model focuses on clear and consistent communication, accountability and honesty. We promise to operate with personal integrity and conduct ourselves within the framework of Best Practice Builders points of culture.

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